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Webinar: How to Pitch Investors During & Post Covid-19

On the 11th of November, Investera hosted a webinar on “How to Pitch Investors during & post Covid-19” moderated by Asim Khan, CIO at Multi Family Investment Office and delivered by Emilio Escartin, Partner and European/Middle Eastern Market Executive at Fuel Venture Capital, and Aditya Mishra, CEO at Qume.

The webinar discussed various aspects that involve understanding the investor’s requirements, identifying and penetrating the target market, perfecting a pitch deck, what challenges startups face to acquire funding, and what investors are seeking in startups and entrepreneurs.

Here, we highlight some advice for startups and investors

  • For startups looking to raise capital keep in mind that it is crucial to build a good relationship with VCs and investors. Avoid approaching investors only for the purpose of pitching. Develop a constant relationship with prospective investors and give them the chance to acknowledge your growth process and progress.
  • Once an investor is interested in your startup, your business is in for a competitive journey to show off what your business has to offer to both the market and the investor. As for the investor, it is very important to be selective as of where to inject money. Once an initial investment is in line, the startup must work hard towards completing an achievement to climb the ladder toward becoming a larger business.
  • Most importantly, know your investor’s preferences. The VC community is a very small one. Therefore, pre-qualify your investor. Maximize your time and save money when it comes to pitching and conveying your ideas by simply finding out if your targeted investor can provide the minimum capital or if they invest in your industry.
  • For startup investors, it is important to find startups and entrepreneurs that have exponential growth potential and show the capacity to improve and develop.
  • Investors should keep an eye out for startups in the digital space. Tech startups can be started in many industries, as they are also more flexible and adaptable to change than larger established businesses.

Did investors lose their investment appetite with the global pandemic outbreak?

No. Yet there is no doubt that investments might have slowed down but it is clear that the investment appetite was not lost with the pandemic. In fact, the crisis taught companies to develop a system that will make their business not just efficient but also resilient. Companies also learned that in order to survive, they have to digitalize and/or shift into the digital space.

Did the pandemic shed light on specific industries? If yes, what are the trending industries for investors?

In the webinar, the speakers listed a few. Such as:

  • Blockchain
  • Fintech
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Esports
  • Crypto
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual Reality

On an ending note, the speakers also discuss the role of accelerators and incubators and how they play a major role in a startup’s journey and development. This journey begins from the pitching stage to internationalizing the business.

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