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Portfolio Management software

Portfolio Management

Investera's portfolio management module facilitates user to manage and view KPIs at portfolio, asset class & instrument level whether private, public or cash. Portfolios can comprise of private investments, public investments or a combination of both private and public asset classes.

KPIs enable investment teams to make informed investment decisions and make necessary adjustments to the portfolio composition.

Managing Private Equity/Real Estate Investments

Investera provides a dedicated module to manage private equity/real estate investments in a secure and easy to use environment.

Monitor your cashflows, invested capital, distributions, number of investments and carrying value.

Track your private investment performance thorugh Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and other private investment KPIs like DPI, TVPI, etc.

Plan capital call and capital deployment schedules & record corresponding transactions against specific capital calls & deployment.

Generate transaction advices for all transaction types.

Private Equity and Real Estate Investment Management
Securities and Corporate Actions Management Software

Managing Multi-Asset Classes including Corporate Actions

Investera supports multi-asset classes which includes but limited to:

  • Equity
  • ETFs
  • Funds
  • Bonds
  • Commodity
  • Call Option
  • Put Option
  • Structured Notes
  • Futures

Assess, analyze & evaluate investment's market value as Investera's portfolio management module communicates with external pricing data providers to facilitate the process of public securities valuation.

Obtain pricing for securities from pricing vendors (eg: Bloomberg) or via internal data feeds (CSV imports, etc).

Process corporate actions events right through to generating transactions automatically.

Translate all transactional activity into double-entry accounting postings.

Bulk upload: transactions, securities creation, pricing, FX rates, etc. using the Bulk Import feature.

Market Data Center (MDC)

Investera’s Market Data Center (MDC) facilitates market data feed covering a wide range of securities and asset classes. Schedule the job to get the market price at the desired time and frequency or get the price on-demand.

In addition to providing historical market prices & FX rates, MDC also aids in updating the basic security details either through a scheduled job or on-demand, as and when required.

MDC - Market Data Center
Deal Management and Deal Pipeline software

Deal Pipeline

Investera's Deal Pipeline module tracks and manages your potential investment opportunities:

Process them through different pipelines & stages to identify them as a ‘go ahead’ investment or otherwise.

Track a business idea as an opportunity/deal in the system in order to record the details of every stage involved before the idea becomes a reality.

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Investera's CRM module facilitates improved information organization.

Maintain data related to clients and track lead, prospect, opportunity and client stage in the client lifecycle.

Easily manage all client data and external interactions at all points during the client lifecycle.

Methodically manage investors and contacts and network across investor relations team through CRM functionalities.

CRM - Client Relatioship Management Software
Document Management Software

Document Management

Investera's document management module enables you to manage all your documents through its highly secure and encrypted document management process.

Make confidential documents OTP protected, maintain document versions, and set reminders for document expiration.

Intelligent and easy organization of documents where categorization, tagging and versioning will help you find the files you need as quickly as possible.

Use document and folder sharing functionality to make relevant information available to the desired set of people.

Retrieve the desired download in no time using the OTP and advance search feature.

Encrypted Virtual Data Rooms

Investera offers encrypted virtual data rooms to allow quick and easy sharing of confidential documents in a safe and secure environment.

Virtual data room facilitates the due diligence process during private equity and venture capital transactions.

Marketing, Financial and potential investment information can be shared with Investors using the Virtual Data Room.

Encrypted Virtual Data Rooms
Investment Due Diligence Software

Due Diligence

Investera offers project management tools and virtual data room repository to streamline the due diligence process in a safe and secure environment.

Support the Due Diligence process by allowing users to create user defined phases, tasks, documents upload, and workflow approvals to carry out the different stages of the Due Diligence process.

Contributes significantly to making an informed decision by enhancing the amount and quality of information available to decision makers.

Rich Suite of Reports

Investera offers a rich suite of reports for both private and public investments allowing you to quickly and efficiently view portfolio performance based on the desired report parameters and time periods.

View portfolio positions & performance KPIs like IRR, TWR, Sharpe Ratio, Standard Deviation, Alpha, DVPI, TPI, realized & unrealized gain/loss and many more.

Reports can be viewed, downloaded in pdf, excel/csv formats and emailed, if required.

Investment Reports Software
Investment Benchmarking Software


Benchmark feature allows to compare your portfolio's performance against defined benchmarks. Comparisons between portfolio returns versus benchmark returns for desired periods.

Investment Structures

Easily build and manage your investment structures through our user-friendly investment management platform interface.

Simplifies visualization of complex investment structures aiding in effective and timely decision making.

Investment Structures Software
Financial Exposure Analysis Software

Exposure Analysis

Exposure Analysis feature demonstrates direct and indirect exposure between investment entities to showcase your portfolio's exposure to risk.

Our expert algorithms are designed to identify exposure of your investments to maximize profits and reduce the risks.

Facilitates transparency into the underlying holdings of the portfolio funds, in order to make more informed investment/portfolio management decisions.

Workflows & Maker-Checker Module

Investera facilitates the full investment creation and portfolio management process by designing your own personalized workflows.

Control and coordinate your Reports, Due diligence process and Documents flow to the right people at the right time based on configured workflows.

Use maker-checker feature to ensure a four eyes check & validation on transactions being created & booked.

Workflows and Maker Checker Verification Software
Integration With External Systems - Tableau - Bloomberg - Crunchbase - DocuSign - Oracle - Sage - Salesforce

Integration with External Systems

Investera seamlessly integrates with external systems: market feed providers like Bloomberg, Accounting & ERP systems like Sage, BI and visual analytics platform Tableau, and Document E-Signature & Approval management solution DocuSign.

Data can be easily integrated from and to Investera for streamlining operations, enabling centralization and collation of information which results in improving investment management decision making, and increasing productivity.

Centralizes data and makes it efficient for team members to retrieve, inspect, and analyze.

Customizable Dashboards and Graphs

Investera's dashboards simplify complex data into simple and easy to read graphs.

Enables visualization of portfolio performance and provides valuable insights into your portfolios

Flexibility to design and customize visually rich dashboards with the ability to drill down to the granular level of information.

Custom Investment Information Dashboards and Graphs
Investor Web Portal and Mobile App

Investor Web Portal and Mobile App

Investera's stand-alone Investor Portal/mobile app integrates with Investera's investment management platform and allows investors to stay up-to-date with the performance of their investment portfolios

Amazing digital experience for investors with an overview of their portfolio valuation, graphical representation of data, and reports.

Gives investors access to up-to-date and relevant investment news and strategies via Virtual Data Room repository.

Notify the investors about new portfolio reports, send reminder for uploading documents that are due to expire, send greetings and many more scheduled and customized notifications.

Periodic Fee Module

Investera's periodic fees module allows you to manage periodic fees such as management fees, custody fees, etc.

Configure/parameterize fee type, fee calculation rules based on different criterias such as size of assets under management (AUM), type of asset classes under management, etc.

Carry out various fee related activities like setting up the fees, running the associated tasks via batch, view generated accruals, transactions including booking of transactions to respective cash accounts of the respective portfolios.

Periodic Investment Fee Processing Software
General Ledger Software

Mini General Ledger Module

Mini GL module allows users to create & manage chart of accounts for investments; Record & manage financial transactions either independently or through the investment transactions.

Maintain/view the account balances respectively for Assets, Liabilities Owner’s Equity, Income and Expenditure.

GL module can also be integrated with accounting solutions allowing data to flow from and to the platform.

Role Base Access Control

Access Control module allows to control access to screens and data based on different roles and groups.

Define permissions & actions a role/group of users is permitted to perform by defining the access control list.

Additionally, as a second level of access control, define the domains (data) on which the user can perform the permissible actions as per his role/group permission.

Role Based Access Control
Reminders and Messaging Alerts

Reminders, Messaging & Alerts

Notifications module enables user to set reminders, meeting requests and alerts. These notifications can be received internally in the system by users and/or via email to their email addresses.

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