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Investera Plus MENA Market Research Reports Investera+ is your one-stop access to in-depth market research and information. Our platform connects you with investors to create new opportunities for funding and partnerships to foster and grow your business.

Unlock valuable data with access to highly insightful industry reports across over 100 sectors and sub-sectors. Our research deep-dives into data such as industry overview, market size, country breakdowns, notable funding rounds, top companies, investors and more. In addition, we provide insight into the current market and it’s future projections.

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Industry Reports

Access to highly insightful industry reports, news and market maps covering 100+ sectors and sub-sectors. Get insights into the latest and trending sectors and industry, get quarterly funding and investment reports for various MENA countries, and many more.

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Market Research

Navigate through the in-depth information on 100K+ companies and 20K+ professionals. Full data coverage on public and private companies with a suite of financial intelligence features providing you with the whole ecosystem info, details, and insights.

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iKnowledge Graph

Capture a 360-degree view of stakeholders in an Entity via state of the art knowledge graphs. Rich media visualization of connections between entities showcasing investments, investors, founders, directors etc.

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Market Insights

Get in-depth information for a sector which includes market size, number of companies, number of investors, largest deal, estimated market size next year. In addition, get details about trends of investment over time, companies to watch for in the chosen sector, top investors, promising opportunities and much more information.

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Advanced Search

Discover startups, investors, opportunities, events based on various search criterias like sector, industry, country and many more relevant criteria.

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News & Events

Stay up-to-date with the news of the companies you follow, the industry/sector of your interest. Receive daily and weekly newsletters based for your interested companies, industries and sectors. In addition, get quick insights and tips on various trending topics in the venture capital and startup world.

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