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A holistic end-to-end platform providing all the tools needed for an effective Investment Management Process. Investera handles multi-asset class investments ranging from private equity to public securities. Whether it’s managing fund workflow transactions, building structures, generating reports or managing documents, Investera is where it all comes together

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    Investera offers advanced features equipped with the latest
    investment technologies


    Facilitates users to manage and view KPIs at portfolio, asset class & instrument level whether private, public or cash. Portfolios can comprise of private investments, public investments or a combination of both private and public asset classes. KPIs enable investment teams to make informed investment decisions and make necessary adjustments to the portfolio composition.

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    Deal Pipeline

    Track and manage your potential investment opportunities with this module. Track a business idea as an opportunity/deal in the system to record the details of every stage involved. Process through different pipelines and stages to identify them.

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    Market Data Center

    Facilitates market data feed covering a wide range of securities and asset classes. Schedule the job to get the market price at the desired time and frequency or get the price on-demand. In addition to providing historical market prices & FX rates, MDC also aids in updating the basic security details either through a scheduled job or on-demand, as and when required.

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    Due Diligence

    Streamline the due diligence process in a safe and secure environment with project management tools and virtual data room repository. Allow users to create user defined phases, tasks, documents upload, and workflow approvals to carry out the different stages of the Due Diligence process; while it contributes to decision-making by enhancing the information available.

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    Enables you to manage all your documents through our highly secure and encrypted document management process. Organize documents, maintain document versions, share documents, and make confidential documents OTP protected.

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    Third Party

    Seamlessly integrates with external systems.

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